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About Me

Proprietor Johnny Franklin.....

Welcome to my humble website which has been born of a passionI have had for history & collectables combined! (basically anything old & interesting with a history)

My main area's are badges & insignia but our passions extend much further into many area's of collecting interests!                     Many of my items have been sourced from my own small house clearance business located in the famous City of Portsmouth + surrounding area's. I am in a fortunate position to obtain original & interesting items whilst clearing whole house contents, also having been a collector since childhood of various things I have gained a lot of knowledge on the subjects I specialise in, but I have a broad knowledge of many things!

Im happy to answer any questions about the items you see displayed within the pages!  I also attend various shows & events around the country at different times of the year!

I buy items in whole collections or singly at the fairs I attend where I have large WANTED notices displayed around my stall.  Many other items are sourced in this way also.

I hope you find my site friendly & attractive & please keep popping in to see, I upload new items weekly & try to find varied interesting items to keep collectors happy!

  Thank you for visiting today.

       Johnny Franklin



Johnny is a retired firefighter who has spent his later years enjoying his many collecting passions & has a dream to open a museum.....hopefully lol.



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