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The Board Of Trade has been known by several names since it's early beginnings in the 17th century where it was set up to manage foreign trade & plantations in the British Colonies. Merging with the Ministry Of Technology in 1970 to form The Department of Trade & Industry.
This cap badge is a government issue & no copies or reproductions have been made because of crown copyright laws. Not entirely sure exactly which dates this cap badge was in use from but certainly the early 1950's until 1970 when it merged to form a new government department.

This cap badge is In great condition, a one piece fully pressed cap badge, both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear of the badge !   Not an easy fire service cap badge for collectors to find.

Board Of Trade Fire Brigade 1952 To 1970 Cap Badge

SKU: sku_5d7f9e0bdfac2_1568644619
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