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Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma in 2017 The British Virgin Isles Fire & Rescue Service lost much of it's buildings & stores which were completely wiped out by the tremendous force of the hurricane. Still today in 2019 there is much work to be done to bring the islands back to normal, there is still no roof on the main fire station in Road Town, Tortola, capital of the islands.
So JSF Collectables decided to help in some part by liasing with the British Virgin Islands government & Chief Fire Officer Zebalon McLean to authorize & order a new batch of cap badges to be produced with the purpose of donating 73 cap badges directly to the British Virgin Isles Fire & Rescue Service. Being a humble island fire & rescue service the funds have never been raised to obtain new badges as the money available to date has had to be spent on re building works. There are just under 60 staff attached to the British Virgin Islands Fire & Rescue Service & we have now posted the badges directly to them upon completion of the order & all costs were met by JSF Collectables.
We now are in a position to offer the remaining cap badges for sale & I am the sole trader with authorized consent to sell these remaining cap badges due to copyright laws of the logo badge which is owned directly by the British Virgin Isles government.
These badges are all brand new & manufactured by Toye U.K who also bought up London Badge & Button Company, the original manufacturer & supplier of these cap badges to the British Virgin Isles Fire & Rescue Service. They have the enamel disc fixed to the standard fully pressed Home Office star & both cap fixing lugs are attached to the rear of the cap badges & come in sealed individual packets as received from Toye U.K

British Virgin Islands Fire & Rescue Service 2019 Cap Badge

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