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An Isle Of Man Fire Brigade original very rare 1 piece cap badge in use from 1960 to 1965. The badge has sustained some external damage due to the large house fire that destroyed my previous large fire service cap badge collection. This rare badge originally cost me 150 pounds in 1992 bought from a dealer at Aveley Fire Show ! Although surface damage the badge is still complete with both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear of the cap badge. 

A trick for repairing damaged enamel is applying the correct colour women's nail varnish by diluting it with a small amount of white spirit & a very carefull brush technique. This cap badge is worth restoring oweing to the very few available to the collectors market. 

Isle Of Man 1960 To 1965 Very Rare Cap Badge

SKU: sku_5d9e248b43518_1570645131
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