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The National Fire Service was formed in 1941 amalgamating the A.F.S ( Auxiliary Fire Service ) & approx. 1,600 borough & county borough fire brigades into one complete national firefighting force.

During its inception there were a few different types & styles of badge manufactured by various factories & these can be collectable in themselves as manufacturers marks & styles / colours of the badge varied.
These 3 examples for sale at £6 each demonstrate the slight differences of one style..the fully pressed or “economy” variety for collectors to note!
You will notice differences in the shape of the letters, most notably the letter F which shows
1..pic 2-4 a straight & thinner less curved F
2..pic 5-7 a shorter middle part of the F not quite touching the S & nearer the top
3..pic 8-10 a longer middle part of the F touching the S, almost in the middle of the S

N.F.S. WW2 1941-47 Full Pressed Cap Badge

SKU: sku_54f1d9f9d8f1f_1425136121
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