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Norfolk Fire Service Rare Pattern Painted Centre Cap Badge 1948 to 83 - This rare Norfolk fire service cap badge from the 1950's era is one of the 2 harder to obtain Norfolk cap badges of this era. Predominantly the common red ring version is readily available and there are 2 varieties ie small & large shield The two official rare patterns are hard to obtain on the open market and consist of the shields being painted.
These rare painted varieties were hand painted by 2 women control officers in the 1950's & only a handfull were actually done. This is the LARGE SHIELD variation & The Norfolk Fire Museum can confirm this so a great opportunity to obtain a rarer cap badge of the post 1948 era.

Norfolk Fire Service 1948 To 1983 RARE Hand Painted Lge Shield Cap Badge

  • 100% genuine and a picture of the very common badge and painted version are here for people to examine and see the difference.
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