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This nice original Sunderland Fire Brigade cap badge from the 1948 to 1974 era is the much rarer of the 2 Sunderland badges of the period, this badge being the 2nd issue chrome coat of arms. There are variations of this cap badge, this is the chrome variation & the 2 lions either side have "hollow tails" meaning that there is a gap between the tip of the tail & the lions body. There is another variation where the there is no gap & the tips touch the body. I have both in my collection to compare, there is also a gilt coat of arms variety !
The post war Sunderland Fire Brigade had just 2 stations covering 13 square miles & therefore each variety of cap badge is particularly hard to come by, these coat of arms badges moreso.

This cap badge manufactured by Firmin Badge Company of London,  official cap badge suppliers of these 1st issue badges to the brigade, is in great original condition, the chrome enamel centre fixed to the standard fully pressed home office star. Both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear
100% original hard to come by Sunderland chrome coat of arms cap badge.

Sunderland Fire Brigade 1948 To 1974 2nd Issue Chrome Cap Badge

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