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A great cap badge from the U.K Atomic Energy Authority from 1971, the 2nd pattern after its name change from The Atomic Weapons Research Establishment which was established on 1st April 1950 at R.A.F Aldermarston in the county of Royal Berkshire, equidistant from Newbury, Reading & Basingstoke in Hampshire! 
The Royal Air Force station & airfield at Aldermarston was home to both the R.A.F & U.S Army Air Force during ww2 1939 to 1945, the later basing its 8th & 9th Army Air Force at the base & it being designated U.S.A.A.F Station 467!
It has always been a British Government & M.O.D establishment & on the changeover in 1954 the name lasted until it was changed to British Nuclear Fuels Limited in 1971 & during the course of its 17 years, the fire brigade of this establishment had 2 patterns of cap badge, this being the 1st pattern. The 2nd pattern had just the symbol & the title FIRE BRIGADE underneath the lion.
This cap badge in excellent used condition, no enamel chips & both cap fixing lugs to the rear. Manufactured by London Badge & Button Company with the fully pressed home office star as standard & the lance cut slot to the rear with the enamel centre being attached by 2 short lugs facing outwards!
A nice original early harder to obtain cap badge to grace any fire brigade cap badge collection.

U.K.A.E.A. Fire Brigade 1954 To 1971 1st Pat Cap Badge

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