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Welcome to my site from militaria to clearance goods for sale, a one stop shop of curio's, collectables & more!                             Phone:07786  012316   ( Portsmouth & surrounding area's, Hampshire )


Militaria bought & sold, Fire, Police, Ambulance & many other subjects! All insignia both metal & cloth i.e buttons, medals etc, original uniforms, equipment & headgear + other military miscellanea.   Advice given freely from contact page.

'royal' 'air core' 'corporal' 'air force' 'boy scout' 'girl guide' 'regiment' platoon 'prince'

Antiques and Collectables

We have a wide range of antiques and curios for sale.

'vintage' 'retro' 'china' 'pottery' 'brooch' 'medallion' 'cat badge' 'buttons' silver gold' 'pewter' 'stainless steel' 'chrome' 'guilt' 'art deco' 'boer war' 'victorian' 'edwardian' 'georgian' 'monarch' 'reign' 'snuff box' 'treasure' 'bevilled' 'pistols'
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