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Fife Fire Brigade was formed in 1948 after the abolishment of The National Fire Service, ( N.F.S ) & continued as a brigade long after the other Scottish fire service reforms in 1975 swallowing small county borough type fire brigades into larger county brigades. Fife was a large brigade & its status as a fire brigade continued until 1985 where it changed its title to the more modern Fife Fire & Rescue Service !
There are variations of the cap badge in small & large thistles, finishes to the enamel & the flames differ slightly, however up till 1975 the manufacturer is not listed but after 1975 the manufacturer of the slightly changed cap badge was London Badge & Button Company who were the official supplers of cap badges to this fire brigade ! Their cap badges are slightly more distinct especially in the enamel centre fixing to the home office star & were issued for 10 years only !
This badge is a pre 1975 issue in very good condition with the gilt finish to the face of the enamel in good condition. The rear has a long thin pin securing the enamel centre to the economy issue home office star!

Fife Fire Brigade 1948 to 1975 Cap Badge

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