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Bedfordshire Fire Service formed in 1948 when the N.F.S ( National Fire Service 1941 to 1947 ) handed back fire control to regional county & county borough fire brigades. Bedfordshire Fire Service had 11 fire stations covering 473 square miles of area & the 1st pattern cap badge, the "Roman Numerals" design lasted only 4 years until 1952 & is fairly hard to come by. The 2nd badge was a chrome coat of arms badge which are also fairly hard to come by as a limited number were issued until the brigade changed to a gilt variation of the coat of arms cap badge. This lasted until 1989 when the brigade changed it's title to Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service & a new badge reflecting the title change was issued. This lasted until 1996 when the badge was redesigned to incorporate yet another title change to Bedfordshire & Luton Fire & Rescue Service. The gilt 1952 cap badge had a few variations mainly in enamel finish but the most noteable badge was a badge produced with the WRONG coat of arms incorporating 2 lions either side of the shield. The correct badge was a lion & an ox either side of the shield, the ERROR badge as it is known is in 2 variations being gilt & chrome & were recalled. This error carried over to the new Fire & Rescue Service when the new badges were ordered, the London Badge & Button Company used the wrong die & tool set to produce them & again the error badges were issued in small numbers until the error was spotted & all issued badges were again recalled to stores. This is the original gilt ERROR cap badge manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham & in great condition. The enamel centre fixed to the standard issue fully pressed Home Office star & both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear of the cap badge.

Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service 1989-96 ERROR C

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