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A 1st pattern cap badge worn by the Birmingham Airport Fire Service, this cap badge displays the shield of Birmingham’s coat of arms set within a circlet, the words “ Birmingham Airport Fire Service “ within the enamel circlet. The cap badge manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham is a 2 piece cap badge with the enamel centre fixed to a standard fully pressed home office star, the cap fixing lugs also in good condition & the enamel is perfect with no chips or damage. This same style pattern cap badge was also worn by the post 1948 to 1974 Birmingham Fire & Ambulance Service with the words "Birmingham Fire & Ambulance" within the enamel circlet!

Birmingham Airport is situated at Bickenhill in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, West Midlands. It was formerly known as Birmingham International Airport & is situated approximately 5/6 miles from Birmingham city centre. The Airport Fire & Rescue Service have recently taken the countries 1st U.S built Oshkosh Striker Fire Tenders, the latest high technology airport firefighting fire tenders including “ extended boom technology ”, something that can penetrate an aircraft fuselage & allow direct & close-up onboard access to a fire, controlled via the cab of the fire tender via various camera’s & computers! (see pic courtesy of Birmingham Press), the new fire tenders lined up in the background.
The cap badge has changed a few times as is common with some airport fire services , many privately owned & as owners change, quite often the cap badge will reflect the change in name or motif. This is the 1st pattern that Birmingham Airport Fire Service wore.

Birmingham Airport Fire Service 1st Pat Cap Badge

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