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Bristol Fire Brigade post ww2 was formed in 1948 after the N.F.S ( National Fire Service ) handed back fire control to regional county & county borough fire brigades. Bristol Fire Brigade had 6 fire stations covering 41 square miles of area. There are 3 different cap badges used in its lifespan, the first 2 are very rare indeed & are basically the Bristol coat of arms with the red enamel scroll underneath. One being chrome & the other having an enamel centre to the coat of arms. Used only for 4 years until 1952, neither cap badge is easy to come by. The 3rd issue is the shield & scroll variation which is easier to obtain. That lasted from 1952 until 1974. Bristol Fire Brigade merged into Avon County Fire Brigade in 1974.
This is the 3rd issue cap badge with the shield & scroll variation issued from 1952 to 1974. The badge is in good condition with the enamel centre fixed to the standard issue fully pressed home office star, both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear of the cap badge. I can tell that both the enamel centre and the star are original but at some stage in its life, the enamel centre has been replaced onto a 1st pattern issue star which is correct to Bristol Fire Brigade. The star is definately a Bristol 1st pattern of this issue and the centre is from a 2nd pattern issue star with a lance cut vertical slot as shown in my other Bristol Fire Brigade cap badge currently on site.

Bristol Fire Brigade 1952 To 1974 Cap Badge

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