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Cambridgeshire & Isle Of Ely Fire Brigade was born in 1965 after the fire brigades of Cambridgeshire & Isle of Ely amalgamated into 1 fire brigade. Cambridgeshire & Isle of Ely fire brigade merged the 10 fire stations of Cambridgeshire Fire Service & the 9 fire stations of Isle Of Ely Fire Service to cover an area of 846 square miles in area ( 492 miles of Cambridgeshire & 354 miles of Isle Of Ely ).

2 variations of cap badge exist for this joint fire brigade being a chrome and gilt examples during its 9 year existence. 

This cap badge is a gilt MINT example, a 1st issue which looks as if it has not been on a cap. The patina of the badge is immaculate and both cap fitting lugs are attached to the rear of the Home Office star.

Cambridgeshire & Isle Of Ely Fire Brigade 1965 To 1974 MINT Cap Badge

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