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The Gateshead Borough Fire Brigade was officially formed as a volunteer fire brigade in 1857 & in 1860's consisted of 26 men with one manual fire pump ! These firemen were also police constables who upon a fire call would race to the fire station at Swinburne Place & switch their police uniforms for fire brigade uniforms ! The original fire station for Gateshead Borough Fire Brigade was situated at Swinburne Place in the town & the alarm bell was manned at the Police Station !
In 1871 the 1st wooden escape ladder was bought by the fire brigade & in 1892 the 1st steam horse drawn fire engine. They upgraded their fire escape ladder in 1903 to a new 50ft ladder & in 1919 the 1st motorised fire engines arrived at Gateshead ! In 1938 a new Leyland Pump was purchased & remained in use until 1961 ! This cap badge is a pre ww2 Borough Of Gateshead Fire Brigade cap badge in good used condition with both cap fixing lugs attached to the rear of the badge. A nice addition to grace any fire service collection ! The pictures were donated by Kevin Garvin, grandson of John Corrigan who was a Gateshead Borough Fire Brigade firefighter !

Gateshead Borough Fire Brigade 1857 To 1941 Cap Badge

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