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The history of East Midlands Airport starts in 1964 when a consortium of local government agencies bought the former R.A.F (Royal Air Force) WW2 station known as R.A.F Castle Donington which was decommissioned from its military status in 1946 ! Situated in the heartlands of the East Midlands area in reasonable close proximity to the large cities of Leicester, Nottingham & Derby, the airport is in the county of Leicestershire with great road access from the M1, M42 & A50 road systems. 
The airport is owned by the company Manchester Airport Group & was renamed East Midlands Airport in 1964 after being built & constructed, the 1st flight was in 1965!
The airport handles between 4.5 & 5.6 million passengers a year & is the U.K’s 11th busiest airport.
The first major incident occurred on 20th Feb 1969 when a Vickers Viscount aircraft operated by British Midlands Airways, number G-AODG crash landed but no fatalities were recorded. However the largest major incident occurred on 8th Jan 1989 when a Boeing 737, again operated by British Midlands Airways crashed on the embankment of the M1 on approach to the airport. The aircraft Flight BD092 had left Heathrow Airport in London on a routine flight to Belfast & suffered engine failure resulting in the crash which killed 47 people after trying to divert to East Midlands Airport because of the problems!
This cap badge is the 2nd pattern 1980’s cap badge used by this airport fire service, the first being a purely chrome issue & round in shape. This is badge is the enamel badge & manufactured by London Badge & Button Company, official suppliers to The East Midlands Fire Service & is mounted on a marked & pointed London Badge economy issue home office star. The centre is fixed by pushing the 2 short lugs through the standard lance cut slit & bending them outwards.
The badge is in excellent used condition with no enamel chips & the 2 cap fixing lugs to the rear!

East Midlands Airport Fire Service 2nd Pat Cap Bad

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