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The Essex County Fire Brigade formed in 1948 after the 1947 Fire Services Act passed fire control back to regional & county borough fire brigades from the N.F.S ( National Fire Service ).

The first pattern badge WAS gilt & this chrome 100% original variation is the harder of the 2 badges to obtain, simply because it is an ERROR cap badge & 200 were produced. The brigade realised the error & recalled all badges, a few are in circulation & many people reagrd these as an issued cap badge wheras in fact it is an ERROR that was made in chrome instead of gilt ! In great condition for its age with no chips to the enamel the centre fixed to the economy issue home office star via a thin brass pin. The 2 cap fixing lugs also complete to the rear. These error cap badges are becoming increasingly desireable to collectors owing to the limited number available on the open market, you will always find the gilt variation which is correct, however these chrome Essex County badges are few & are commanding higher prices, a great addition to a fire brigade cap badge collection in 100% original condition

Essex County Fire Brigade 1948-85 Chrome Error Cap

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