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There are many forms of generic fire brigade cap badges used by smaller fire brigades such as industrial premises, they used these types of cap badges because there was a smaller budget & to pay for their own design was more costly than using a generic fire service cap badge. 
This badge is a less common variation because predominantly a wreath style cap badge was used with the crossed axes & generally a smaller Victorian style helmet in the centre. These post war chrome examples superceded the brass pre war examples & the helmet is a standard Merryweather style brass helmet used from Victorian times right up to the late 1930's !
The cap badge is in excellent condition & although the manufacturer is unknown it could be a Firmin made cap badge looking at the rear. The 2 cap fixing lugs are complete & the standard issue economy home office star holds the centre through a horizontal lance cut slit in the centre of the badge, the 2 short lugs bent outwards to secure the centre!
A nice generic less common cap badge for the collector

Generic / Universal Fire Brigade Cap Badge

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