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Grampian Fire Brigade was formed in 1975 when the Scottish fire services amalgamated all their fire services in line with the rest of the United Kingdom who had done so in 1974. In 2005 it changed its title to Grampian Fire & Rescue Service until merging with all other Scottish fire services to form The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service in 2013 !
However the Grampian Fire & Rescue Service were NOT issueing uniform caps any longer & only a limited number of cap badges ( 50 i believe ) were produced but NEVER issued. These are extremely rare & should one come on the market would fetch extremely high prices. There are also 2 patterns of Grampian Fire Brigade, one being red enamel ring but with an enamel coat of arms, this badge also being quite hard to obtain.
The manufacturers of this badge is Toye,Kenning & Spencer who were official suppliers to the brigade of the enamel variation & has the standard economy issue Toye, Kenning & Spencer home office star, the enamel centre being fixed to the star by 2 prongs bending inwards !

Grampian Fire Brigade 1975 - 2005 Enamel Cap Badge

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