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Gwynedd Constabulary was the Home Office police force for the counties of Caernarfonshire, Anglesey and Merionethshire, Wales.

The force was formed in 1950 by the merger of Caernarfonshire Constabulary, Anglesey Constabulary and Merionethshire Constabulary. It was itself amalgamated with Flintshire Constabulary and Denbighshire Constabulary in 1967, the combined force also being known as the Gwynedd Constabulary, renamed North Wales Police in 1974.
In 1965, the force had an establishment of 308 and an actual strength of 296.
This post 1952 cap badge sporting the St Edwards Queens Crown, manufactured by Firmin Badges of London is in great condition with the cap fixing slider intact to the rear

Gwynedd Costabulary 1952 To 1974 Cap Badge

SKU: sku_5bfaef5ea189e_1543171934
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