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The Isle Of Wight is situated on the south coast of England & is a seperate island with a stretch of water between it & nearby Portsmouth & Southampton cities with ferry services to & from the island. The Isle of Wight Fire Brigade was formed in 1948 after the N.F.S ( National Fire Service handed back fire control after ww2 to regional county & county borough fire brigades. 
The Isle of Wight Fire Brigade consisted of 11 fire stations covering 147 square miles of area & also boasted the smallest cap badge of the British regional fire brigades at that time which is still true today. The cap badges were manufactured by Fattorini Badges of Birmingham, official suppliers to the brigade & came in 2 forms i.e both lugged & slider cap fixing variations. Also the other noteable variation is the small or large lettered examples. The small lettered variation had cap fixing lugs whereas the large lettered variation had a slider cap fixing attachment to the rear of the cap badge.
This variation is the slider cap fixing variation & like all Isle of Wight Fire Brigade cap badges were made in one piece. The badge bears the manufacturers stamp mark to the rear & the slider intact. In excellent condition & the large lettered variation. Isle of Wight changed its title to Fire & Rescue Service in 1985 & a new badge was designed.

Wight Isle Of Fire Brigade 1948 To 1985 Lge Letters Cap Badge

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