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Isle Of Wight Fire & Rescue Service was formed in 1985 after the islands fire service changed its title from fire brigade to fire & rescue service. The very 1st pressing of this cap badge was made, 200 badges were produced, however...the previous cap badges for the Isle Of Wight Fire Brigade manufactured by Thomas Fattorini & Son's Badge Company of Birmingham were 1 piece & set on a SMALL star. The new batch was sent to the fire service & the chief fire officer was not happy. He ordered all 200 cap badges to be given to the Fire Brigade Welfare Fund to sell & ordered a new batch, 1 piece cap badges again but this time on the short star as the prior fire brigade badges were.

This is one of the ERROR cap badges in excellent condition. A 1 piece manufactured cap badge on the much larger wrong star, bot cap fixing lugs intact to the rear of the cap badge.

Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service 1985 ERROR Cap

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