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Jersey Fire Brigade came into being in 1948 after the Fire Service Reforms Act of 1947 handing back regional fire control from The National Fire Service ( N.F.S ) to county& county borough authorities ! Jersey was an independant sta te & its not clear when they started issueing the normal home office star cap badge, a variety has been seen which we have in our possession that is a generic wreath style fire brigade cap badge with a Jersey crest on it & we are unsure if this was the wartime or post war 1st pattern.

Nevertheless this Jersey States Fire Brigade cap badge has been manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham & in great condition with the enamel centre fixed to the standard lined economy issue Home Office star & both cap fixing lugs attached to the rear of the cap badge

Jersey States Fire Brigade 1948 To 2006 Cap Badge

SKU: sku_5b8443675fdab_1535394663
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