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The City Of Lincoln Fire Brigade is a hard badge to obtain in original condition being a small county borough city brigade. There are a few variations of this badge & this is the 2.5 mm thick base metal centre secured on an economy issue home office lined star. A very prominent fleur de liss in the centre, a large fleur de liss variation also exists
With just 2 stations covering 10 square miles the badges are highly sought after by collectors in original condition as copies of this badge have been made. This is 100% original 1948 to 1974 cap badge small fleur de liss variation. The brigade merged with the Lincolnshire County Fire Brigade after the 1974 Fire Services Act merging & disbanding all former county borough fire brigades into county fire services!

Lincoln City F.B 1948-74 Sm Fleur De Liss Cap Badg

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