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A London Ambulance Service 1978/79 pattern, South West Division cap badge in excellent condition. A one piece cap badge fitted with the standard slider cap fixing attachment to the rear complete & undamaged !

Ambulance Services in the U.K formed after WW2 when an act of parliament was passed , The National Health Services Act 1946 which was set up to provide a health service to the whole of the U.K. It came into being on 5th July 1948 & lasted until it was replaced by The National Health Services Act 1977!!
Initially ambulance staff were volunteers, The Milar Report of 1964 changed that, making a recommendation that patients be treated en route to hospital. Training Schools were set up & recruits were trained in basic 1st Aid & other extended skills in the use of oxygen, Entonox etc, the cap badge they wore was a laurel leaf!
In 1974 the ambulance services transferred to The N.H.S. & the retro cap badges of 1974 replaced the earlier badges. These were again replaced in the late 1980’s & 90’s to the laurel wreath with the Q.C, these badges being mainly gilt enameled & termed as “ modern cap badge!
This 1970’s G.L.C. (Greater London Council) London Ambulance Service South West Division cap badge is in great condition, complete slider attachment to the rear of the one piece home office star cap badge. This retro cap badge is a great addition to an ambulance cap badge collection.

London Ambulance Service 1970's South West Division Cap Badge

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