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A Mike Trueman manufactured London Fire & Civil Defence Authority / London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority cap badge in excellent condition. This London Fire Brigade cap badge, the 4th post war pattern was in use from 1988 when the brigade changed its title & badge to LFCDA & added 2 more crowns to the shield above "old father Thames", the blue & white waves depicting The River Thames! The brigade changed its title again in 1999 renamed The London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority, LFEPA for short but carried on using the same cap badge until the new badge was adopted in 2010, the 5th post war pattern!

This badge is in lovely condition & has both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear, the enamel centre attached to the standard economy issue Home Office star via 2 straps.

London Fire Brigade LFCDA/LFEPA 88-2010 Cap Badge

SKU: sku_575451082c901_1465143560
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