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Lyndsey County Fire Brigade was part of the Lincolnshire county fire cover from 1948 incorporating 3 area's of Kesteven, Lyndsey & Holland counties.Formed in 1948 after the N.F.S ( National Fire Service ) handed back fire control to regional county & county borough fire brigades after ww2, Lyndsey county had 27 fire stations covering 1,502 square miles of area. 

There are 3 main variations of the Lyndsey County Fire Brigade cap badge issued during it's lifespan until 1974 when the brigade amalgamated into Lincolnshire Fire Brigade. There is a brass enamel badge & 2 chrome enamel variations being one with white enamel waves & one with chrome enamel waves. This variation is the chrome enamel waves & is in good condition. Manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham, the enamel centre is fixed to the standard fully pressed issue, lined Home Office star by 2 straps, both cap fixing lugs are intact to the rear of the cap badge.

Lyndsey County Fire Brigade 1948-74 Chrome Waves C

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