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There are 3 major variations of the post ww2 1948 to 1974 Newcastle & Gateshead Fire Brigade cap badge for collectors to look out for. This county borough fire brigade was larger than many other county borough fire brigades of the period because it had 6 fire stations covering 25 square miles, one of these stations was a riverboat station. The brigade was merged in 1974 into the newly formed Tyne & Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade after the Fire Services Reforms Act of the same year. 

The 3 main cap badge variations are this badge known as the "4 window" variation, meaning the number of windows in the castle tower is 4. There are 2 much harder to obtain variations being the "2 window" & "NO windows" variations, both are equally as hard to obtain!
This cap badge is the 4 windows variation in used but good condition ! !

Newcastle & Gateshead F/S 1948-74 Cap Badge

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