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Nottingham City fire brigade 1948 to 1974 brass coat of arms variation cap badge in excellent used condition ! 

The City of Nottingham Fire Brigade has very early routes dating back to the Middle Ages, the later routes are traced back to 1692 where the first manual pump fire engine was stationed at St Mary's Church & in 1706 at Monday Cross in the city. The fist modern station was built at St John Street in 1839 & another at the rear of Guildhall in 1888, the 3rd opened in 1940 at Shakespeare Street. Originally a "Fire Alarm System" which had 50 women members patrolling the streets at night to raise alarms in case of fire !
There were 3 fire stations in the post war 1947 era of this hard to obtain cap badge & they covered an area of 25 square miles surrounding the City of Nottingham.
A very desirable coat of arms cap badge in 100% original condition.

Nottingham City Fire Brigade 1948-74 Cap Badge

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