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Nottinghamshire Fire Service was formed in 1948 after the National Fire Service ( N.F.S 1941 to 1947 ) handed back fire control to regional county & county borough fire brigades after world war 2 ( ww2 1939 to 1945 ). 
Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade was a smaller sized brigade covering 836 square miles of area with only 16 fire stations. This was 9 stations less than it's 1948 total. This cap badge manufactured by Toye Kenning & Spencer Badges of Birmingham who were official suppliers of this cap badge to the brigade is in good condition, the enamel centre fixed to the standard economy issue lined Home Office star & both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear. Nottinghamshire changed its title again in 1988 to Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service but retained the same cap badge until 1997 when a new badge & title was issued. Nottinghamshire & City Of Nottingham, the cap badge was similar except for the title !

Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade 1979 To 1997 Cap Badge

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