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A nice example of the 1st pattern ww2 cap badge.

The R.E.M.E ( Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers ) was officially formed as a Corps of the British Army on 1st October 1942, a need for a central Corps of tradesmen that were skilled enough to take on the immense task of repairing & maintaining the vast array & complexity of equipement being used in wartime ! The Corps was formed by taking essential tradesmen from R.A.O.C ( Royal Army Ordinance Corps ), R.E ( Royal Engineers ) & R.A.S.C ( Royal Army Service Corps ) !
The 1st issued cap badges were issued in 1943 & worn until the “horse & lightning bolt” version replaced it in 1947. Still in existence today with the St Edwards Q.C ( Queens Crown ) above, these 1st pattern original cap badges are desireable to collectors, worn for just 4 ( four ) years. This cap badge has a sturdy slider & has been worn on a cap. It’s in great condition for It’s age, honest wear & nice distinct features !

R.E.M.E WW2 1943 - 47 Original 1st Pat Cap Badge

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