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Theses WW1 Officers Training Corps cap badges come up every so often, there have been some good re-strikes of these cap badges and we are not 100% sure on this one. One of the tricks the fakers use is gun blue which they apply to a badge to give it age. Another is the 'thumb in the slider' trick to make the slider slightly bent as if it was at one time in a cap! The badge has a solid slider which usually moves quite easily on the fakes, but we still suspect it is a quality copy as the first two giveaways are present. Either way its a nice cap badge to have and quite hard to obtain.

Rydal school was started in 1885 by Thomas Osborn and became an O.T.C. after its name change in 1915.
It seems to have been short lived as an O.T.C. as it became a public school before 1920 so not many badges would be in circulation!

Rydal School Officers Training Corps Cap Badge WW1

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