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The County Borough of Smethwick & West Bromwich Fire Service cap badges are very sought after because of the variations of badge produced during the 19 year lifespan of this small county borough fire brigade ! Gilt shields, chrome shields, enamel shields & hand painted shield variations exist, there is also a purely gilt shield & scroll variation in circulation but this is a later dealer produced forgery as ALL original badges to this brigade had enameled scrolls !

With only 2 fire stations & covering just 15 square miles you can understand why the cap badges are very sought after by collectors with the different variations produced in limited numbers ! This badge manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham is in excellent condition. The enamel centre fixed to the standard economy issue Home Office star via long bent over prongs & both cap fixing lugs in place to the rear

Smethwick & West Bromwich F.B 1948-66 Enamel C

SKU: sku_5a8318d2c10a9_1518541010
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