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This fire brigade was formed after the 1947 Fire Services Act handing over national control from the N.F.S (National Fire Service 1941 to 1947) back to regional fire control to counties & county borough fire brigades! The first pattern crossed keys variation of this brigade lasted until 1955 & was very sought after, the 2nd pattern we have for sale here lasted from 1955 to 1965 when the brigade merged into Huntingdon & Peterborough Fire Brigade in 1965!
There is also an ERROR version of this cap badge which is un enamelled & there is no record of it being issued although we have a used condition variation in our collection & it has been said by collectors that a very limited batch got issued that was un enamelled & has also been seen for sale on auction sites fetching large sums! The version we have is not for sale as it is in our personal collection & was bought many years ago without realising it was a rare or error badge!
Even this enamelled variation is not so easy to obtain being in force for only 10 years, a nice original & decorative badge for the fire badge collector!

Peterborough Soke Of Fire Brigade 1955 To 1965 Cap Badge

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