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This London Badge & Button Company manufactured cap badge to the South Yorkshire Fire Service is one of several variations available to collectors during the life of this fire service ! A cap badge in service for 19 years after the 1974 county & county borough fire brigade amalgamations & ending in 1993 when the brigade changed status to a fire & rescue service !

The same company ( L.B & B Co ) were the only official suppliers to this fire service throughout its lifespan & they produced a few noteable variations. These include either 1.5 or 3mm thick enamel centres in either chrome or gilt, also red dot in centre of the white rose for Yorkshire… or NO red dot, plus larger or smaller SY letters beneath the white rose !
This variation is the 1.5mm gilt enamel centre set on a fully pressed home office star, depicting a large red dot in the centre of the rose & smaller S.Y letters & in great original condition !

South Yorkshire Fire Service 1974 to 93 Cap Badge

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