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A city on the south coast of England in Hampshire, this famous maritime city had 2 (two) different cap badges for the post war period, this 2nd pattern “red ring” badge was worn between 1964 & 1974! both cap badges for this small county borough fire brigade are desirable in original condition, red ring version worn for only 10 years is in good condition. 

Southampton Fire Brigade had 3 (three) stations covering 15 (fifteen) square miles, there wasn’t large numbers of original cap badges produced. Like many hard to obtain, original, smaller county borough fire brigade cap badges these original Southampton cap badges are sought after as demand grows from younger & newer collectors. Many good examples are already in private collections, this cap badge manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham has the enamel centre fixed to the standard issue fully pressed Home Office star by 2 straps, both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear.

Southampton City Fire Brigade 1964 To 1974 Cap Bad

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