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Both patterns of post war Sunderland Fire Brigade cap badge are hard to get, simply because it was a small county borough fire brigade with 2 stations covering 13 square miles! There were a few variations of the 2 badges in force between 1948 to 1974 making individual variations even harder to obtain. 
Here we have the very first post war pattern of red ring & there are 4 variations of this badge, 3 chrome varieties & 1 gilt variety believed to be issued to officers only ! The 2nd issue was a coat of arms cap badge which seems even harder to obtain but this first pattern cap badge is in good condition. This issue is listed in Alf Landsdownes ebook, cap badges of the British Isles although the manufacturer is unknown. The enamel centre is set on a standard economy issue home office star & secured by a brass pin to the rear threaded through the 2 short lugs ! Later London Badge & Button Company badge list badges of 1989 / 91 had a smooth middle & lined outer part to the rear of the star plus longer centre fitting lugs protruding through & bent inwards !
This badge is in excellent condition & came from a collection bought in recently of almost mint pre 1974 cap badges, the former owner had taken great care of them & we are proud to have this 1st pattern Sunderland Fire Brigade cap badge on our website. The 2nd pattern regarded as the coat of arms pattern is not known exactly what date they came into force so information available just simply regards these hard to obtain cap badges as 1st & 2nd pattern!

Sunderland Fire Brigade 1948-74 1st Issue Cap Badg

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