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The County Borough Of Wallasey Fire Brigade was in force from 1948 to 1974 & had 3 variations of cap badge during this time! The first & rarest pattern was the domed star variation we have here, there are 2 variations of this, one being this pattern with a 3mm thick enamel centre attached to the domed home office star, the other is a similar variation but the the centre is attached via 2 short lugs protruding through the back & secured by a long thin pin!
Wallasey is a small county borough in the county of Cheshire, the brigade was a small one with only one station covering 15 square miles & that is the reason cap badges for this brigade are scarce, especially the domed early variations!
The next & more commoner issue is the flat back star & slightly easier to obtain, & finally a blue ringed variation which was borrowed from Wallasey Ambulance Service & was issued to firefighters as a stop gap at the end of the brigades life just before the Fire Service Reforms Act of 1974 which was imminent & the brigade did not desire to order a new batch of badges, so borrowed some ambulance service badges as emergency issue’s until the brigade was disbanded & swallowed into Cheshire Fire Service!

Wallasey County Borough FB Domed Var 1948-74 Badge

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