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A great condition West Hartlepool Fire Brigade cap badge pre 1967. West Hartlepool Fire Brigade had just 1 fire station covering 7 square miles of the West Hartlepool area. There were 2 cap badges in force during this period, both are not very common but the coat of arms cap badge is the more desired example ! No identification scroll naming the brigade but the coat of arms of Hartlepool very prominent. The brigade amalgamated with its larger neighbour to form the borough of Hartlepool Fire Brigade in 1967, the West Hartlepool Fire Brigade being disbanded & their firefighters adopting the Hartlepool Fire Brigade cap badge until 1974 when the Fire Service Reforms Act merged all former borough brigades into county fire services !

This badge manufactured by Mike Trueman Badges of Birmingham has the enamel centre fixed to the standard issue fully pressed Home Office star by 2 straps, both cap fixing lugs intact to the rear of the cap badge.

West Hartlepool Fire Brigade Cap Badge

SKU: sku_5b993632df17f_1536767538
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