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Emperor Karl 1st of the Austro Hungarian empire, allied to Germany & Khaiser Wilhelm 2nd forming the largest allied empire in Europe at the turn of the century, instituted this medal, German name “ Karl Truppenkreuz” for combatants of front line units who served more than 12 weeks with their units. A popular ww1 medal for collectors, the Austro Hungarian medals are generally much cheaper than their German counterparts & more affordable to new collectors interested in the WW1 period! 

The medal instituted in 1916 & up until the end of WW1 in 1918 is made of zinc & is cross shaped within a wreath. A total of 651,000 were issued throughout WW1 & this medal is in fine original condition with the trifold medal ribbon, standard to most Austro Hungarian awards which distinguishes them from German WW1 medals which are generally standard shape!

WW1 Austro Hungarian Karl Troop Cross 1914-18

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